TWICE Reveals Main Requirements for Debut as JYP Idols


TWICE Reveals Main Requirements for Debut as JYP Idols

TWICE recently appeared on SBS's Legendary Stage, they revealed behind-the-scenes stories about their debut process as a K-Pop girl group.

One of the show's hosts Sung Si Kyung asked the members if there was a special class that the members from outside of Korea should take.

Sana, who is from Japan, said that she had to take Korean language learning classes for three years.

Momo (a Japanese member) and I took Korean language classes for about three years. When I first came to Korea, I couldn't speak Korean at all. Momo and I could only say hello to people, - Sana.

This answer makes Si Kyung wonder if the TWICE members who come from Korea also learn foreign languages.

Aren't the Korean members also taking lessons in Japanese or Chinese ?, asked Si Kyung. [post_ads]

Jihyo the leader confirmed Si Kyung's question.

When I was in middle school, JYP required me to get a Mandarin certification - Jihyo replied.

Then, Nayeon also came up with an explanation which finally surprised many people.

If we don't get a foreign language certification, we can't debut - said Nayeon. [post_ads_2]

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