What is the Difference Between Hackers, Crackers and Scammers?


What is the Difference Between Hackers, Crackers and Scammers?

Have you ever wondered what Hacker means, Cracker and Scammer mean? What is the difference between Hackers, Crackers and Scammers?

In today's technology era, of course we often hear the terms Hacker, Cracker and Scammer which are three terms that are often feared and considered bad in the technology industry.

So what are the meanings, meanings and differences of Hackers, Crackers and Scammers? Are they really dangerous?

Well, in this article, we will discuss what is meant by Hackers, Crackers and Scammers, and what are the differences between the three. Here's the full review:

1. Cracker

What is the Difference Between Hackers, Crackers and Scammers?

What is a Cracker?

In contrast to Hackers, the meaning of Cracker is a term for those who have programming skills, who are able to enter into other people's computer systems or computer networks but with negative and destructive purposes.

If Hackers carry out ethical hacking legally and in accordance with the legal framework, then Crackers usually hack for personal gain in an illegal and illegal way.

For example, for the sake of crime, such as stealing important data to sell it to certain parties, bypassing passwords or computer program licenses, and deliberately breaking computer security.

There are also crackers who deliberately destroy or encrypt important files, making the system inaccessible to others and many other malicious activities.

Some Crackers do their thing to get publicity or show how strong they are. [post_ads]

Cracker Properties:

  • Able to make a program for his own benefit and be destructive or destructive and make it an advantage. For example: Viruses, Credit Card Theft, Bank Account Breaking, E-mail / Web Server Password Theft, etc.
  • Can stand alone or in groups in action.
  • Have a website or channel in IRC that is hidden, only certain people can access it.
  • Has an untraceable IP address.
  • The most frequent case is Carding, namely Credit Card Theft, then breaking the site and turning everything in it into a mess.

2. Hacker

What is the Difference Between Hackers, Crackers and Scammers?

What is a Hacker?

The meaning of Hacker is someone who studies, modifies, analyzes, breaks through security until it manages to enter a computer system or computer network (not to damage the system).

One of the goals of a hacker is to find out in depth the performance of a computer system or computer network so that he becomes an expert in the field of mastering computer systems or computer networks.

In that sense, the activities they do are only to test how deep the hacking skills they have learned.

In addition, there are hackers who hack (ethical restrictions) with the intention of looking for weaknesses or bugs in a system on their own initiative or with the consent of certain parties. Of course, in a legal way.

And if the hacker manages to identify weaknesses in a system, then he will report it to the relevant parties and try to find solutions to improve the system and prevent other incidents of unauthorized access.

But sometimes the term Hacker is still often associated with things that are destructive / hack such as hacking Facebook, hacking websites, and others. But Hacking is actually an art, the art of computer network security. [post_ads_2]

Hacker Ethics:

  • Above all, respect knowledge & freedom of information.
  • Notifies system administrators of any security breaches / holes in security that they have seen.
  • Don't take unfair advantage of hacks.
  • Do not distribute & collect pirated software.
  • Never take stupid risks.
  • Always know your own abilities.
  • Always willing to openly / freely / freely inform & teach various information & methods obtained.
  • Never hack a system to steal money.
  • Never give access to someone who will do damage.
  • Never accidentally delete & destroy files on hacked computers.
  • Respect hacked machines, and treat hacked machines like their own machines.

3. Scammer

What is the Difference Between Hackers, Crackers and Scammers?

What does Scammer mean?

A scammer is a person or group of people who performs any form of planned action that aims to gain money by cheating or outsmarting others.

Scammers usually use technology as a tool to deceive their victims. One of them is using the internet to lure their victims into doing something.

A Scammer will always pretend to be someone else and will always act in a way that will win the trust of his victim. However, sometimes Scammers don't have unique programming skills.

However, they rely more on the use of mind games in their actions. They play with the minds of their potential victims until the victims finally give in to their demands. [post_ads]

Types of Scammers

  • Buying and selling activities. Usually Scammers become fictitious sellers or fictitious buyers.
  • Win raffles or prizes. Usually the victim is declared to have received a prize, which in the end is ordered to send administrative money.
  • Trying to get personal information. This is usually done secretly in various ways. Starting from hacking accounts, which continues with identity theft.
  • Find a mate or partner. Consists of those using the wish to find friends, mate, or partner mode. But at the end of the story, they seem to persuade their partner (read: victim) to give a gift or even money.
  • Business and investment. Where the victim is lured by a lucrative business and told to invest, but in the end the money is taken away, aka fake investment.
  • Fake charity.
  • Computer has a virus. The victim is called a person claiming to be from a technology company and saying that his computer has a virus. Then they were guided by this order, which was finally ordered to pay.
  • and others.


So that is the meaning and difference of Hacker, Cracker and Scammer. As discussed above, a hacker has a goal to do good to society, but a cracker and scammer has bad intentions and bad intentions.

So it can be concluded that the job of being a Hacker is a legal and recognized job, while being a Cracker and Scammer is an illegal job and a criminal act because it harms other people with the intention of making a profit. [post_ads_2]


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