What's Zack Snyder's Plan for Justice League 2 & 3 like?


What's Zack Snyder's Plan for Justice League 2 & 3 like?

After a long wait, Zack Snyder's version of the Justice League film, Zack Snyder's Justice League, was finally released on March 18th. And this film received a lot of positive criticism from various parties, both from critics and fans. Most of the positive reviews praised Zack's true story.

However, with the current success, will a sequel to the film be made? That is still the big question. For now, the WB itself doesn't seem to have any interest in making a sequel, as revealed by Zack to Total Film. According to Zack, his version of the Justice League film will be the "basis" of the following story. Zack himself already has big plans for the DCEU, especially the Justice League, in the future. What are Zack's programs? See the following review.

The appearance of Ryan Choi as Atom

What's Zack Snyder's Plan for Justice League 2 & 3 like?

The figure of Ryan Choi is an assistant to the head of STARS Lab, namely Silas Stone. In the film version of Joss Whedon, the model of Ryan Choi is not shown. Only in yesterday's version of Zack did we see the role of Choi. After Silas Stone died, he was the one who later became the head of STARS Lab. The figure of Ryan Choi is actually not an ordinary person. In the comic story, he is also a hero, namely Atom.

Zack plans to introduce Ryan Choi as Atom in the next film. He will be one of the additional heroes for the Justice League. In the Justice League film itself, we were only shown a little about the figure of Choi. Of course, it would be fascinating if WB then considered a Justice League sequel so that the Atom character could appear in the DCEU.

Lois Lane Pregnant Bruce Wayne's Child, Not Clark Kent

What's Zack Snyder's Plan for Justice League 2 & 3 like?

During one of Zack Snyder's Justice League moments, when Lois Lane finally realizes that she can step back, Lois takes something from a drawer in her apartment. And in that drawer, we can see one of the pregnancy test kits. Actually, it is Zack's plan in the future, where Lois is said to be pregnant.

However, what's interesting is that Lois is not pregnant with Clark Kent's child but Bruce Wayne. A romantic story arises when Clark asks Bruce to look after Lois, which makes Lois finally pregnant. Although there had been disagreements between Bruce and Clark, Clark was yet able to accept the reality. However, Lois was still told dead by Omega Beam Darkseid, which made Clark very sad and then used by Darkseid to become his subordinate, with the Anti-Life Equation help.

Explaining About Knightmare

What's Zack Snyder's Plan for Justice League 2 & 3 like?

The first time this moment appeared in Batman v. Superman, the fans may be confused by the moment. However, Zack then explained that the Knightmare moment actually had a deep connection to the DCEU. In Joss Whedon's Justice League, the Knightmare moment is not mentioned or referenced at all.

Whereas in Zack's version, this moment appeared where he said it to Diana. And at the end of the film, a little "continuation" of the Knightmare moment and what happened is shown. Zack himself actually has plans to explain in more detail the Knightmare moments in the next film, such as how Lex Luthor found the Anti-Life Equation and gave it to Darkseid.

Lex Luthor Forms Legion of Doom

What's Zack Snyder's Plan for Justice League 2 & 3 like?

At the end of Justice League, we see how Lex meets Deathstroke. It was one of Lex's steps to form the Legion of Doom, a rival group for the Justice League. If the Justice League contains heroes, then the Legion of Doom includes criminals, including Darkseid. Lex is the figure who is told to tell the Anti-Life Equation to Darkseid.

The formation of the Legion of Doom itself is the beginning of the destruction of the earth and sets up for the Knightmare moment. Because at this moment, Superman will ask Batman to protect Lois Lane and Superman fighting against Darkseid. Unfortunately, Batman fails to save Lois, and Darkseid manages to kill Lois after Lex informs that Superman's weakness is Lois Lane.

Great War Against Darkseid

What's Zack Snyder's Plan for Justice League 2 & 3 like?

What we saw in yesterday's epilogue is actually the entrance to a significant war against Darkseid. According to Zack, Cyborg will even try to use the Mother Box to send The Flashback to the past, to warn Bruce Wayne about the moment he doesn't dare to sacrifice himself for Lois Lane.

This moment is what we see in the BvS movie, where Flash appears in Bruce's dream, which Bruce himself doesn't understand the meaning of. From that moment, Bruce then solved the puzzle in which he had to sacrifice himself to save Lois from Darkseid. And that moment changed everything.

Besides Superman not turning evil, an epic moment is when the Justice League collects other help. For example, Aquaman led the Atlantean army, then Diana led the army from Themyscira, while Superman and Flash led the humans. They all fought Darkseid in a major war. Similar to the action that occurred in the Age of Heroes moment told by Diana to Bruce.

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