Why are Forms of Titan Heirs Different?

Why are Forms of Titan Heirs Different?

The battle system of the Attack on Titan series can be said to be very unique compared to other anime series. In the story, we see human troops using very sharp swords, equipped with ODM gear, fighting against a Titan whose size is so large that this Titan is only able to be attacked in their weak part, namely in the hump or back of the neck.

Eren Yeager is the first Titan Shifter in the story. Eren transforms into the character of Attack Titan in the first season to protect his friends and Paradis Island from another Titan attack. then we are introduced to other Titan Shifter ranging from Annie Leonhart to Pieck Fingers. What's interesting about the Titan's strength is the connection with its users, especially on their faces or appearance. Why did it happen? There are several possible theories to explain this. [post_ads]

Titan Shifter Will Leave Their Human Appearance

Why are Forms of Titan Heirs Different?

Some of the Titan Shifter may have a similar appearance between their human form and their Titan form, while others do not. Annie Leonhart, one of the Warrior troops from the Marley kingdom, is one of the Titan Shifter who has a similarity between the Titan shape and the real face. This can be seen from the shape of the body, facial expressions, to the color of the hair.

Same is the case with the figure of Reiner Braun, where his Titan form has short blonde hair, and his body is also very masculine. However, not for Eren Yeager. His Attack Titan form has the shape of a man, but the ears are similar to an elf with a pointed shape and brown hair. [post_ads]

Many Factors Affect

Why are Forms of Titan Heirs Different?

Several theories from fans try to explain this. The Jaw Titan is a good starting point for an example to explain. As we know, there are four people who have mastered this power, namely Porco, Marcell, Falco and Ymir. Broadly speaking, the owner of the Jaw Titan will have an advantage in the jaw, when accessing the power of the titan.

But, of the four owners of the Jaw Titan, only Ymir looks very unlike her real figure. Speculation has it that this has something to do with Ymir's past. As we know, Ymir used to be the Pure Titan on the island of Paradis for 60 years before she managed to eat Marcel Galliard, and got the Jaw Titan power. Not only that, he also returned to his human form.

When accessing the Jaw Titan form, the appearance of Jaw Titan Ymir is more similar to the appearance of his Pure Titan before compared to the Jaw Titan form of Falco or Porco. It could be that Ymir is already used to the power of her Pure Titan, so it can be assumed that Ymir's body or self is "shocked" by the new power. Meanwhile, other Jaw Titan users don't experience the same problem. [post_ads]

What is also not less unique is the shape of the Cart Titan, where the Titan moves with all four parts of his arms and legs while carrying objects on his back. Almost nothing resembles the form of the human Pieck when he accesses his Titan powers. Pieck likely has no choice but to accept the form. This is probably the same as the fate of Armin Arlert who got the Colossal Titan power from Bertolt Hoover.

What about the Titan who is similar to its owner such as Female Titan Annie or Reiner's Armored Titan. According to many circulating speculations, the possible shape for some Titans could change or adjust. There is also speculation that genetics slightly affected the appearance of the Titan. For example, Eren, Grisha, and Zeke both have pointed earlobes.

That means Yeager's genes are so strong that they affect his Titan appearance. Even so, their strength remained unchanged. So far, fans can only guess and speculate because Hasjime Isayama still hasn't explained this, even though the story itself is only one chapter away. Hopefully Hajime Isayama can explain this. [post_ads_2]

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