Will the Red Scabbards beat the Flying Six?

Will the Red Scabbards beat the Flying Six?

The condition of the Red Scabbards, which was previously covered in wounds, is now starting to get back up and ready to fight again. Once, they were in an unconscious state after fighting Kaido when Luffy and the Worst Generation managed to climb onto Kaido's palace's roof. Luffy then asked Law to move them downstairs. And in chapter 1004 later, we saw a mysterious figure helping the Red Scabbards.

Bao Huang saw an unknown figure helping the samurai, but because it was dark, he could not see the figure's face. Only the silhouette is shown in the chapter. The next chapter revealed that the Red Scabbards finally regained their senses and were ready to fight again. Then, who will they face?

Much speculation has it that the Flying Six will be their opponent. They will likely help Nami, Usopp, and Franky face the Flying Six. Not without reason. Several pointers support this. In chapter 990 yesterday, Sasaki said he wanted to fight and finish off Denjiro for betraying him.

Will the Red Scabbards beat the Flying Six?

Later in chapter 1005, Jack said that the Flying Six wouldn't be able to stop the Red Scabbards - even though they weren't at their best. Black Maria herself then took this as an insult - lucky Robin and Brook came and became opponents of Black Maria. Jack himself will likely be stopped by Yamato or Sanji, so he can't fight the Scabbards.

When viewed from the overall strength map, Nami, Usopp, and Franky have arguably lost in several ways. First weapons, then Haki, and the hybrid form. In his hybrid form, Ulti almost managed to beat Nami and Usopp with ease before then Otama appeared with Komachiyo and defeated them.

Then Page One itself has not used its hybrid form so far. Ulti himself always carries a kind of round stick full of sharp thorns that he hasn't used in his battles. Not to mention, Ulti has the ability of Haki, which in the previous chapter, he said that he was not underestimating Luffy because he and Page One were able to feel Luffy's strong Haki.

Will the Red Scabbards beat the Flying Six?

What about General Franky's form, Franky's most potent form at the moment. Franky was shown to be slightly superior in the previous chapter of Sasaki, but it should be noted that he has not yet unleashed his full Zoan abilities. Also, Sasaki still hadn't used the sword she was carrying. In terms of capacity, Sasaki has a Zoan form, has sword power, and Haki that hasn't been shown yet.

And even so, he was still able to withstand General Franky's attacks. Based on this, you could say that their current condition was in danger, and they needed a solid figure to help them. Aren't Otama and the Kibi Dango troop with them? Keep in mind they are just Gifters which means that if they wanted to, the Flying Six could have overpowered them - even though it would be draining due to their sheer numbers.

This means that they still have very little chance of winning against the Flying Six. They still need additional strength, and that extra strength is in the Red Scabbards. With the power they have, these Flying Six might be conquered, considering the level of strength of the Red Scabbards is very formidable. Let's just look forward to what the Red Scabbards will do next in this battle in Onigashima

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